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Yasmine Sabry Jewelry and its strong relationship with Cartier

Yasmine Sabry is one of the most controversial stars in the Arab world, especially after her marriage to the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, and also because she is keen to choose her clothes accurately and coordinate Yasmine Sabry’s wonderful jewelry well.


Yasmine Sabry attracted attention to her through her different elegant looks, which she carefully curated to leave a wonderful imprint in the fashion world.

Yasmine Sabry Jewelry

Today, my lady, we collected all the wonderful jewels that Yasmine Sabry wore:

Yasmine Sabry love Bracelet from Cartier

Yasmine Sabry Jewelry
Yasmine Sabry Jewelry

Love bracelet in 18 karat yellow gold with its own screwdriver and value of 23 thousand dirhams This bracelet was very popular and still is today.


There is no doubt that the world and Arab stars loved this design very much, as it never left their wrist in any outfit. Among the most prominent people who wore it were the Egyptian star Yasmine Sabry, who never dispensed with him, the star Dora, and foreigners Kylie Jenner, Cameron Diars, Jennifer Aniston, and many others.

Also, Yasmine Sabry does not dispense with wearing the JUSTE UN CLOU BRACELET screw bracelet from the same brand, The value of which is 11,300 AED.

Yasmine Sabri Piaget bracelets

Among the precious bracelets that Jasmine always wears, 18 Karat gold bracelet from the luxury Piaget brand, valued at AED 62,000. Studded with 72 diamonds, It is decorated with two malachite stones.


Watch Yasmine Sabri Pasha de Cartier

The value of the watch is about 24 thousand and 900 dollars, equivalent to 93 thousand Saudi riyals, and this watch is of a model Cartier The Pasha de Cartier type contains about 352 interchangeable diamonds and leather bands

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Yasmine Sabry earrings

Yasmine Sabry does not like to sparkle with small and delicate earrings, on the contrary, she chooses large-sized designs and a prominent style that is very eye-catching.

These styles flaunt her long, spiky hair. She also often raises her hair in order to highlight these picturesque designs.

Yasmine does not choose any type of metal in her earrings design. Rather, you choose them from gold in all its forms, whether yellow or white gold or diamonds. Onyx also has a big stake in her earrings collection, as this stone appears to be her favorite.

Yasmine Sabry and wearing the most expensive necklace in the world

Yasmine Sabry said in statements to “Sky News Arabia”, That the contract is not intended for sale at all, And that his story goes back to the Mexican actress and singer María Félix, who had two crocodiles.

In 1975, Cartier Jewelers designed a necklace in the form of crocodiles. And it took two months to design, To become one of the rarest jewels in the world.

Sabry indicated that she is the third woman to wear this rare piece in the world. After the Mexican artist, Maria Felix, And the famous Italian artist, Monica Bellucci, She wore it in 2006 at Cannes.

The weight of the necklace is 120 carats of diamonds. It is adorned with emeralds and precious green and yellow jewels.

Pantier de Cartier necklace, one of Yasmine Sabry’s most beautiful jewelry

A fine golden chain from the Panthers de Cartier collection, Made of 18 karat rose gold, Black lacquer, And studded with a tsavorite garnet stone and 19 sparkling modern brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 0.07 carats together, Its value is 34,400 AED.

Yasmine Sabry’s engagement ring

Diam Jewelery 5.8 carat yellow and white diamond ring, Jewelry designer Ibrahim said, The son of the ancient Lebanese family in the world of jewelry and precious stones.

The famous ring was not specially designed for Yasmine Sabry, She is the second woman to have the honor to put this design on

As for its price, He said: We imagine that the very ring that Yasmine Sabry wears, Its price is less than 50 thousand dollars, While the price of the first ring, which was sold to a woman outside Lebanon, exceeds $ 200,000.

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