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The sixth sense and its relationship to genes

The sixth sense – Is there a strong inner voice that sometimes tells you about the things that will happen before they happen? Do not be overwhelmed by the feeling that something is happening, but you do not know what part of your being was released. Or why did you expect that?


This is what we call the sixth sense, that he who enjoys it can perceive intangible things that ordinary people cannot perceive! .

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What is the Sixth Sense ?

The sixth sense is an extrasensory perception. Scientifically known as ESP, it goes beyond our five senses Recognized . Hearing, taste, sight, smell and touch. Usually, the colloquial use of the term “sixth sense” refers to our ability to perceive something that does not appear to be present or tangible. Like when you feel that the person sitting next to you at the train station has just committed a crime! Or the feeling that you must have forgotten something in the house after leaving it.


Psychologists believe that everyone has subtle senses parallel to the normal, tactile senses. For example. You can pick a flower and smell it through your sense of smell, While you can smell a flower that is not there, depending on your subtle sense, Parallel to the state of smell. And since this ability to perceive the hidden senses is not felt by everyone, But it is present in all people. It needs to be activated before they can use it.

The sixth sense, from the point of view of psychologists. They believe it can take many forms, the most well-known of which is the person’s ability to anticipate the upcoming event based on linking logical events at the present time. This prediction is based on reality, and far from what is known as spiritual mediation or knowledge of the occult. But even so. This prediction is not considered true or 100% guaranteed.

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What is the relationship between the sixth sense of genes?

  • Two do not disagree that the senses are limited to five: Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch and hearing. However, doubts about the sixth sense and whether it was not an illusion of false illusions remained the focus of confusion and interactions and intellectual and scientific endeavors.

The sixth sense has been linked since antiquity to the power of some human beings on intuition, discernment, visual prediction, and perception outside the senses. Or what scientists call, for many years, the reception of “proprioception,” meaning the “unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation” arising from stimuli within the body, proprioception.


The subconscious perception of movement and orientation refers to the spatial perceptions, the position of the human body in space and how to adapt to the surrounding environment.

Rather, according to what was published in the New Britain Medical Journal. And reported by Radio Monte Carlo International, the sixth sense, or the proprioception that we rely upon when changing gears in a car, may be a sense based on its association with the PIEZO2 gene.

  • Loss of this sense may adversely affect a person’s coordination of his movements, simply by defecting the PIEZO2 gene, as one of the authors of the study, Carsten G. Bönnemann, of the “National Institute of Neurological Dysfunctions and Stroke Cases” in Bethesda, puts it.

The researchers reached this discovery as a result of their interest in the health status of two boys who were similar in terms of a rare genetic disease and in terms of deviation of their spine and their feeling of difficulty walking and their suffering from a partial lack of the sense of touch and a weak subconscious perception of movement and orientation in the surrounding environment.

And when motivating them to walk in an effort to touch each other’s nose, In the case of open eyes, We managed to pass the test while failing to complete this task upon request from them by closing their eyes.

  • The two boys, who are nine and nineteen years old, During the experiments, one of them felt that combing his hair with a brush was stinging and annoying, while the other did not resent combing the palm of his hand. But neither of them felt the vibrations of the tuning fork machine at all on their skin while they were not suffering from any malfunctions in the nervous system.

The researchers explained these sensory differences between the two boys in that their cécité épidermique partielle was caused by defects in the protein of the PIEZO2 gene.

Factors affecting them

Many factors affect the development of the sixth sense of the individual, Such as:

  • Calm nerves.
  • clear mind.
  • Mood susceptibility.

Whenever the individual’s psychological state is good, the sixth sense is activated. And vice versa, when his mood is bad, his sixth sense weakens. It is worth noting that the sixth sense does not depend on intelligence. As intelligence is included in analytical, logical thinking, which is believed to be idiots. And the ancient primitive people did not use it, Rather, they have supernatural capabilities that are stronger than others, as scientists believe.

Its qualities:

  • Being aware of what others are not aware of.
  • Seeing what others do not see.
  • Feeling the matter before it happens.

An experience about the sixth sense


The nature of the relationship between a mother and her son is so strong that she may feel the joy and pain he is feeling. The sixth sense is the hidden link that binds us to those we love and are greatly afraid of.

My son says he will never forget, No matter how old he is, I open the door for him the moment he raises his hand towards the bell back from school. He says that even after my death, this image will remain drawn between his eyes.

At first we thought it was just a coincidence, then it was repeated so much that the two of us became astonished whenever they faced us at the door. They are separated by a threshold and an incomplete sentence on my tongue or in my mind: “Why is it so late .. T until now?”

Not only the door, but also many other things. I once warned him not to forget his open bicycle. In the morning he found it had been stolen. And once I asked him to put his leg a little away from the wheel of the bike, After a few meters, his leg got in the wheel and broke.

Personally, I did not attach great importance to it, as it happens every day and everywhere. But my young son is impressed and even deeply impressed by my ability to sense things before they happen. He even once told me that he was carrying out what I asked him to do for fear that something unfortunate would result in not hearing my words.

As mothers usually do, I took advantage of it for a long period of time. I am happy with his responsiveness and prompt response to whatever I ask. It helped me that the topic of the door was repeated more than once, Until my sixth sense was taken for granted.

One night he came to my bed asking me about the sixth sense, what is it? What is the difference between it and telepathy? Why is it found in some people and not in others? Is it something that is born with us or we gain it? And many other questions.

And I said that all mothers have something of it that varies from one mother to another, and that the nature of the relationship between a mother and her son is so strong that she may feel the joy and pain he feels. And that the sixth sense is the hidden link that binds us to those we love and are greatly afraid of, The more we heal our relationship with them, the more we feel about them.
  • And I said that the matter is not limited to human beings, but extends to everything that we have a strong relationship with, I told him the story of a girl who sat next to me in the plane on one of the flights, Her dog was crammed into an animal compartment on the same plane. And the girl did not stop talking about her dog throughout the trip, And when I asked her if she was worried about him, She said with great confidence, “Absolutely absolutely fine,” If not, I would have felt it. I just talk about it to let him go. ”

And I said that a person is able to develop any queen he has by focusing on her, cultivating her, and training to discover his strengths and listening to his inner voice, The sixth sense is like any other talent or sense. We can work on it, develop it and grow it. And that the more a person describes himself, gets closer to himself, and moves away from pretense, lies, pretensions, and exaggerations, the more he is pure, transparent and close to the truth. The truth is the heart of everything.

  • Days passed since this conversation, Until I forgot it or almost, Until one day I went shopping at the supermarket next door. On the way back I met my son coming towards me. At first I thought he forgot to ask me to buy something and that’s why he came behind me. But I was astonished as I heard him say, “Something told me that the bags are too heavy and that I should come to help you carry them!” I gave him one of the bags and I can’t believe what I just heard.

And of course the bags were very heavy, Even if it is not heavy. And surely my sixth sense made a mistake hundreds of times before it happened this time when it came to opening the door, But who said this is important? And who said that the sixth sense or anything else is more realistic than our perception of it? We believe and believe, We believe and love, We love Fenjo, And that’s all there is to it. No more, Not less.