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Top 10 Richest Video Game Companies

It is no secret that the video game industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. It is more successful than making music and movies. But who are the richest and most profitable gaming companies in the world? Find out in our “Top 10 Richest Video Game Companies” list.


Top 10 richest video game companies

10. Ubisoft – France – $ 3.03 billion

The French publisher Ubisoft is ranked 10th on our list. However , They barely booked Square Enix for a spot on this top ten list.

In 1986. Ubisoft Corporation, Founded by the Guillemot family, She began her life selling technical supplies to farmers. 34 years later, The company is valued at $ 3.03 billion.


Ubisoft’s 5 Most Successful Chains –

  • Assassin’s Creed – 140 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Just Dance – Sold 70 million copies worldwide.
  • Farcry – Sold 50 Million copies worldwide.
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell – Sold 31 million copies worldwide.
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – 26 million copies sold worldwide.

Upcoming Ubisoft Games –

  • Farkry 6
  • Prince of Persia sand of times remake
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – Quarantine
  • Roller Champions

9- Konami – Japan – 3.24 billion dollars

Konami is 9th on our top 10 richest video game company. Japanese publisher / developer, He initially specialized in building game machines. After a few years, In 1981, Konami Frogger, Scramble, and Super Cobra are created. Frogger to this day remains Konami’s fourth most successful franchise chain. However , Konami recently took a half-step back from console games. Instead of setting, They mainly focus on the mobile market.

The most successful 5 series of Konami –

  • Pro Evolution Soccer – 90 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Metal Gear – 41 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Castlevania – Sold 20 million copies worldwide.
  • Frogger – Sold 20 million copies worldwide.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh – Sold 19 million copies worldwide.

8- Bandai Namco – Japan – 4.74 billion dollars

Bandai Namco was established in 2005. After Bandai acquired Namco for $ 1.7 billion. No doubt, Bandai Namco has a number of very successful franchise lines. From Arcade Classic Pacman to Tekken Bestselling Fighting. As a result of these privileges, Bandai Namco has a combined net worth of $ 4.75 billion

The most successful 5 chains for Bandai Namco –

  • DragonBall – Sold 55 million copies worldwide.
  • Tekken – Sold 47 million copies worldwide.
  • Pacman – Sold 44 million copies worldwide.
  • Dark Souls – 25 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Famista – Sold 15 Million copies worldwide.

Upcoming Bandai Namco Games –

  • Scarlet Nexus
  • Digimon Survive
  • The Last Kids on Earth and The Staff of Doom
  • Tales of Arise
  • Elden Ring

7- SEGA – Japan – $ 4.9 billion

Before branching out to create home entertainment consoles and games. SEGA has also worked in the arcade industry. And making arcade machines. Without a doubt, SEGA’s best-selling franchise is Sonic. But this is definitely not the only card in SEGA’s hand.


in conclusion , SEGA is valued at $ 4.9 billion. We place them at number 7 on our list of the 10 Richest Video Game Companies.

The most successful 5 series of SEGA –

  • Sonic – 360 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Puyo Puyo – 25 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Total War – 20 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Megami Tensei – 15.7 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Warhammer – 13 million copies sold worldwide.

6- Electronic Arts – United States – 8.58 billion dollars

Electronic Arts is not far from controversy. Consumers named “The Worst Company in America 2012”. They then also repelled Comcast’s opposition in 2013 to retaining the title for the second year in a row. However , This doesn’t seem to be for the EA stage though. Who is still a strong believer in this rich, $ 8.58 billion list?

The most successful 5 Series of EA’s –

  • FIFA – 250 million copies sold worldwide.
  • The Sims – Sold 200 million copies worldwide.
  • Need for Speed ​​- 150 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Madden NFL – 100 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Battlefield – 67 million copies sold worldwide.

Upcoming EA Games –

  • Mass effect legendry edition
  • It Takes Two

5- Tencent Games – China – $ 8.87 billion

It’s hard to keep track of Tencent’s overall fortune in the gaming industry. Because they have a finger in so many different pies. This “hack” is not just limited to the gaming industry, It’s on the film industry, too. This bull is in the approach of the China store (no pun intended). It is because of its owner. Bonnie Ma, One of the richest men in China.

Despite Tencent’s business strategy to invest in companies is somewhat reckless. Obviously, this method works in their favor, As a result, they reached $ 8.87 billion and are expected to rise even further!

6- Nintendo – Japan – 15.70 billion dollars

Nintendo is a company that loves to branch off the base. Create completely unique products. However , This approach did not always work in their favor. But one cannot help but admire their courage to take risks. Nintendo is still going strong, It is valued at $ 15.7 billion.

The company has come a long way since it was founded in 1889 as a playing card company. Throughout the trip, Several family names are created that even non-gamers might recognize. Names like Mario, Donkey Kong, and Zelda.

Altogether, In all Nintendo products, They sold a total of 777.21 million consoles. However , These statistics include all controllers that range from 1977 to the present day.

The most successful 5 Nintendo series –

  • Super Mario – 627.51 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Pokemon – 301.5 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Wii Series – 203.15 million copies sold worldwide.
  • The Legend of Zelda – 105.62 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Donkey Kong – 75.6 million copies sold worldwide.

3- Activision-Blizzard – United States – $ 19.84 billion

Activision-Blizzard was formed when Blizzard was acquired by Activision. Warcraft Builder and Diablo Series, In 2008 for a total amount of $ 18.9 billion. Due to the merger of the two huge names in the gaming industry, It will lead the company to achieve the third place for the richest video games company in the world!

The Most Successful 5 Series Activision-Blizzard –

  • Call of Duty – 250 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Diablo – 100 million copies additionally sold worldwide.
  • Warcraft – 19 million copies sold worldwide + World Of Warcraft over 100 million registered accounts.
  • Starcraft – 17 million copies sold worldwide.

2- Sony – Japan – 195.21 billion dollars

No doubt, Sony is revolutionary, It always was. It dates back to their inception in 1946. They created the first tape recorder in Japan. 74 years later, They became the second most successful gaming company in the world.

The Playstation Console series played a major factor in this success, It sold 543.89 million units worldwide. in conclusion , Sony has always paved the way for gaming standards, It is something that should be admired by people everywhere.

The most successful 5 series from Sony –

  • Gran Turismo – 76 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Uncharted – 28 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Ratchet & Clank – Sold 26 million copies worldwide.
  • God of War has sold 21 million copies worldwide.
  • Crash Bandicoot – 22 million copies sold worldwide.

1- Microsoft – the United States – 286.55 billion dollars

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Microsoft has brought, Unlike Sony, A revolution in technology. No doubt , The world would not be the same today without Microsoft’s influence on the world of developments.

The success after success also led Microsoft to the top 10 richest video game companies list. They have sold 154.9 million consoles worldwide and have a total value of $ 286.55 billion!

The 5 most successful Microsoft series –

  • Halo – Sold 60 Million copies worldwide.
  • Gears of War – 27 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Kinect Adventures – 24 million copies sold worldwide.
  • Age of Empires – sold 18 million copies worldwide.
  • Forza Motorsport – Sold 10 million copies worldwide.