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The Myth of Atlantis – The Whole Truth

Atlantis is a myth that has caused great controversy. A big secret that the most powerful governments and authorities searched with complete secrecy. The story of an advanced civilization told by Plato hundreds of years ago in a strange way! And reinforced by the effects that still hold to this day. To be this question is the most prominent throughout the ages.

City Of Atlantis

Where is the lost city of Atlantis?

Does it really exist? . A legend that is timeless in every sense of the word. They are thousands of years old and will last for hundreds of others if three questions that have baffled scientists for many ages are not answered.

Is the city of Atlantis a reality or a form of Plato’s imagination ??. And if it is true, where is this lost city located ??? And if it is a fantasy, why have so many governments devoted so much money to finding them?


Well, Plato described the city of Atlantis as a paradise on earth that had established its foundations on a continent that we do not know. In the modern era, and that was thousands of years ago, but according to the description of the philosopher, it is located to the west.

The Strait of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean. The land of Atlantis is a fertile plain in a circular shape surrounded by alternating land and water. According to the documents, its area is large, meaning that it is equal to the continent of Asia and Libya combined. It is governed by an advanced authority, and it is inhabited by intelligent people, and it enjoys advanced technologies and technology, like it has never been known in history. The lost city of Atlantis was ruled by a Greek god Poseiden, who made sure to use the entire Atlantis to express his appreciation for his wife, so he built a large palace for her on a hillside in the city center.

The Lost Atlantis

The people of Atlantis lost their morals and principles and turned into a brute military force that attacked the rest of the countries and occupied North Africa and Europe. Until the people of pure morals, the inhabitants of Athens, the Greek city, rose up to resist the aggression of the people of Atlantis, and they defeated it, then the wrath of the god Thus, and here began the end of Atlantis. However, it does not clarify whether God Dos decided to destroy Atlantis or not, as it suffices to mention the feast of that god by teaching Atlantis a violent lesson. According to myths, it is said that the civilization of Atlantis and its treasures and monuments were completely destroyed as a result of a great flood, and more than that some link the flood to the deluge of God’s prophet (Noah).


Plato was the first to fire the fuse of Atlantis

Whether Atlantis is a reality or just a myth, we must ask an additional question. Why was its name associated with the Pharaonic civilization, the Nazi government, and specifically Adolf Hitler ?? And despite rumors indicating that the lost city may be off the Spanish coast. Or in the undiscovered part of Antarctica, except that the treasures of Atlantis are not expected to be submerged off the Arabian shores.

About the lost Atlantis

Plato was the first to fire the fuse of the myth of Atlantis, and that is a story dating back to the year 360 BC, when he wrote a strange text that aroused the interest of scholars to this day. Plato talked about Atlantis through a conversation between two people in which one of them talked about his grandfather who went on a trip to Egypt, where He was told that there was an Atlantic continent that ruled the world and provided incomparable scientific development. According to legend, the Atlanteans who survived the Flood spread around the world and taught other civilizations what they had come up with in terms of sciences related to electricity, transportation and aviation.

Most notably, according to legend, flying saucers and airplanes, this matter is documented among the discovered Pharaonic monuments that depict the progress of Atlantis and its technical development. According to Plato, Atlantis is located behind the Pillars of Hercules, which is the name given to the Strait of Gibraltar that reaches the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Some say that the strait is nothing but the gateway to the city, and that the Azores and Canary Islands are the remnants of this advanced civilization.

Myths about Atlantis

  • Myth 1: Atlantis was a continent, not just a city, and it appeared in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and suffered a sudden sinking.
  • The second myth: the disappearance of Atlantis in the Bermuda Triangle. Some supporters of the existence of Atlantis indicate that the city sank in the Bermuda Triangle and have supported their theory with the effects of roads and walls in the vicinity that have been discovered, but according to scientists, these effects are made by nature, not humans.
  • Myth Three: Atlantis is Antarctica. According to this legend, the Earth’s crust underwent a major transformation about 12,000 years ago. It resulted in changing the location of Antarctica, which was the land of the completely advanced civilization of Atlantis.
  • Fourth myth: Atlantis invented by Plato This myth indicates that Atlantis is nothing but an imaginary place imagined by the philosopher Plato.

Myths have multiplied and varied, some of them may be right or wrong, but it is certain that they created a controversy that is the largest of its kind, as scholars were divided between supporters of the existence of Atlantis or opponents.

The evidence that scholars have based on this myth

Some of the evidence adopted by some scholars who believe in the existence of Atlantis as a historical fact:

  • The maps studied by the famous sailor (Columbus) before his discovery of America contained a drawing of a large island that does not exist at the present time, which scientists believe is Atlantis itself.
  • Researchers have found a wall up to 120 kilometers long in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, and it is not yet known if it is the remains of the lost continent.
  • The water current known as the (Gulf Stream) originating from the American continent and heading to the continent of Europe branches into two parts in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. As if he is wrapping on the ground! Scientists believe that this branching is caused by the ancient existence of the continent of Atlantis.

Atlantis has not only captured scientists, it has captivated the most powerful and most important governments throughout history. Most notably, the Nazi government, which Hitler personally asked to find, was the lost city of Atlantis. Interestingly, Hitler believed that there are undiscovered lands that are said to be behind the South Pole.

If the facts and evidence are now in your hands, and the full story we presented to you, what do you think is Atlantis a story or fiction, and how can this mysterious mystery be solved ???.