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The Most Powerful Titan in Attack on Titan, not a plain List

In the anime attack on titan there is 9 different types of titans who has inherited the well of Ymir, these powers are unique, so we put in consideration the skills of the holder while making this list. This list is according to the anime only not the manga. So, which titan is the most powerful titan in attack on titan?


The titan holder could only live for 13 years, and more than one person took the power of different titans, the anime did not yet show a huge different between holders, so this list could change in the future episodes of the anime.

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The Cart Titan

the cart titan the most powerful titan

We first saw it in the last episodes of the third season of Attack on Titan, at first glance it looks different than regular titans, then it started taking and we consider a titan shifter. In season 4 we knew that it was Pieck one of the Eldian children who were chosen to hold the power of the titan. The cart titan is mostly a support titan giving cover for others by the weapons on its back. It didn’t put much of a fight against the Paradis demons, so it is the weakest in this list.

The Jaw Titan

the jaw titan

The Jaw titan was used by Marcel then Ymir and we saw most of its powers with Porco, Marcel’s brother. We can see that the Jaw titan was weaker when held by Ymir and looked a little different, so titans could look different or have other powers if the user is changed. The Jaw titan has a very strong jaw, claws and can jump high and fast, so he isn’t a weak on and did fight well against Eren Yeager.

The Colossal Titan – The Most Powerful Titan

the colosual titan

The huge titan that appeared at the first episode of the anime, it was a shock for the people who have never seen any titan this big. It is the biggest and has a strong body, but it also has a lot of weaknesses that is why it was defeated and Paradis took bertholdt then fed him to Armin. When Armin used it against Marylin there were no different in power, but as we know that the founder titan has an army of colossal titans we can’t yet maigre the power of this titan maybe there is more to it. As for now this is a good rank that could soon change.


Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Trailer

The Female Titan

the female titan - the most powerful titan

The first titan that Eren fought against and defeated with the help of the survey corps. It has the ability to summer titans into battle, and it can use hardening. The only known user of the female titan is Annie. We don’t know what happed to Annie as of know.

The Armored Titan

the armored titan

The Armored Giant is the strongest physically due to its protective skin. The user Reiner is one of the most skilled titan users in this list and in a one on one fight Eran could defeat him. Maybe be he has nothing up his sleeve, but his not an easy opponent.

The Beast Titan – The Most Powerful Titan

the beast titan

Despite being one of the main antagonists for the majority of the series, very little is known about the Beast titan, so it is a good bet to believe that we didn’t really saw its full power yet.

It was the first titan to talk in the anime, and later it was reaveled that he is Zeke Yeager Eren’s brother from the Eldians. Like the female titan he can summon titan and even transform Eldians to titans, he also a great pitcher using rocks as his balls.

The War Hammer Titan

the war hammer titan - the most powerful titan

It is controlled by the Tyber family, which is know as one of the families that defeated the founder titan, however, after Willy Tyber announced the truth behind the war they had with the founder titan it was not really The Nobel Families work and the power of a strong worrier Helos.

Most of the fans Thought that it was Willy The War Hammer Titan, but it was his sister Lara Tyber. The last words of Lara was “what is your last words Eren Yeager.” It is ironic and was used widely in memes. The War hammer Titan is super strong and the best user of hardening, despite that the it was took down very fast, maybe the user is not that strong or Eren got lucky.

The Attack Titan

the attack titan

The original hero of the series became his strongest titan user. When he was first discovered, he had obtained the powers of the Attack titan, helped his comrades, he had become one of the most important members of the Survey Corps. His goal was to destroy all titans, but now it could be revenge against Marylin or maybe something that could create Code Geass type of twist. Eren can’t yet use the Founding titan powers but his skills and the powers of and stamina of the attack titan earned him his place.

The Founding Titan – The Most Powerful Titan

the founding titan

The founding titan was held by the Reiss family for generations, and they used its power to erase the memories of everyone. Some families knew the truth behind the walls, and took the throne from Reiss. Grisha yeager ate the founding titan, so the Marylin could not have him.

Before his death due to possessing the powers of the attack titan for thirteen years, Grisha give the founding Titan Founder to his son Eren. Eren has no royal blood and can’t use the full powerof the founding titan, but most likelt he will figure out how to use it.