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Search Engine Optimization

Every new website owner and blogger is targeting the best Search Engine Optimization and try to push the website to a higher rank in Google Search Console. But Google Algorithm needs almost 200 factors – categorized into 7 categories – to set your website rank higher.


So, what are the best way to make Google Rank higher. There are many steps you must follow to have better SEO and Google Rank

Search Engine Optimization Main Factors

  • High speed website
  • Keyword’s optimization
  • Links are the key points
  • Social always makes your website more famous
  • Easy to navigate; set your website at the top
  • Content is the golden buzz
  • On Page SEO is not the only factor

Website Loading Speed

Google is always looking for the website as an asset, as much as this website is fast then Google will consider it into their better rank.


I have already written an article how to make your WordPress faster.

Can you imagine if you need to wait about 5 to 7 seconds just to see the first input of the website, what will be your impression about it? A slow website will lead to a broken relationship between you and your reader, Keep in mind there are many websites that give the same content you do, so you should always be one set ahead of your competitors, so work hard to let your visitors reach the information quicker.

Keywords research and optimization

Once it came to Keywords so you need to be specific with how to pick up Google Ads Keyword planner to check the difficulties of these two keywords.


Don’t forget to set the target country and language, because it is a big difference.

Remember easier is better

So now you need to pick one of the keywords that fit the most with your article, and make sure the other words you need to use it with future article that you will write.

Search Engine Optimization Infographic

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

This is a really easy part of you have a plan and strategy, what you need to do is simple, just link between your articles and this is of course an easy step.

But the easiest one is to set the external link, so when you can any information from any other website such as Wikipedia, then you need to set the hyperlink URL to the article you used as reference.

  1. You didn’t just break the copy right, because you make the main source as reference and declare this.
  2. This will help your website to be more readable and others will use your article as a reference

Social Media Effects On Your SEO

Google SEO algorithm is all about links and networks of URL that lead to your website, so you need a social network to publish your content and push more reader to engage with your site.

Social media somehow will not be considered as a backlink to your site but will let Google Search Engine know that people really like your website, hence increase the rank of site SEO.

Website design is really matter

Interact with you website is not only important to your SEO but also to your website revenue.

As long as the visitor stays on your site, the user will have the potential to be converted to a customer, or Ads clicker.

By The Way, easy navigation website is much better for user experience.

Easy Navigation makes the user happy to find the needed information very quickly,

High quality content

Come on, if you are writing something is not understandable

Or not have logic or you have a lot of typo mistake, are you going to expect to have the reader as a returned user?

Let’s have it this way:

Your content is your product, you are selling words to the readers, so if your products is bad then no one will come back to your site.

While if your product is amazing and always free, then the readers will be waiting for the next article.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO contains many factors, some of which we already explained about, such as KeyWords optimizations, page speed, but also has more factors that are really important.

Search Engine Optimization On-Page Factors

  • Readability
  • Meta description
  • Keyword in URL and in title
  • How many time you repeated the keyword in the article
  • how many time you set the keyword inside the Header

You have many plugins that helps you to control On Page SEO, such as All in One SEO and Yoast

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