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PlayStation 5 sales and expectations of a decrease in its price

Sony revealed that the PlayStation 5 sales were 4.5 million PS5 consoles during its launch. This boosted its sales numbers to make 2020-2021 the most profitable year for Sony in the gaming and networking division.


Sony’s published financial results show that the company generated 883.2 billion yen ($ 8.4 billion / £ 6.1 billion) in revenue in the fourth quarter. Which is a 40% increase compared to its 2019 earnings. Not only does that make it Sony’s best quarter in the gaming and networking division, Rather, it makes it the best fiscal year starting in 2020/2021.

The baffling thing is that Sony has stated, “The PS5’s strategic price points are set to be lower than the manufacturing costs.” This means the PS5 actually sold for less than it cost to manufacture.


However , This has been lost due to program revenues. Services like PlayStation Plus boosted to 47.4 million subscribers during the third quarter. A significant increase from last year’s 38.3 million.

Data on PlayStation 5 sales

Senior analyst at Niko Partners posted, Daniel Ahmed Charts comparing earnings for Sony Games.

PlayStation 5 sales

Here is the same chart above but for profit. Fiscal year 2020/21 will also be Sony’s most profitable year for gaming ever. Driven primarily by strong sales of software and network services, Which is considered high margin. Sony broke the cyclical profit / loss side of the console industry.


Sony sold 4.5 million PS5 consoles during its quarter of its launch which means it’s on par with the best-selling console of all time. PS2, It also sold 4.5 million units. Could the PS5 be on track to do the same? Okay , It definitely wouldn’t be because of the fans alone.

It might be annoying to think so many PS5 consoles have been sold out. But not many players actually have their hands on it. Speculators and robots appear to be the main customers, And if they keep buying next-generation consoles, PlayStation 5 sales will definitely continue to rise. Although not for the right reasons.

Will the price of PlayStation 5 decrease in the future?

According to a report from iPrice , Which is an e-commerce complex operating in Southeast Asia. Based on past starting prices for PlayStation consoles, and the price cuts they have received over time, this report predicts PS5 price cuts in 2021.

The PS5 launched at $ 499, And $ 399 for the digital edition. The report uses the PS4 Pro pricing to be exact. Being the last PlayStation device to be released. It launched at $ 399, too. The report predicts the same price drops for the PS5 Digital Edition and extrapolates the declines back to regular pricing for the PS5.

According to the data, We could see the PS5 drop to $ 469 by May 2021, And an additional drop to $ 432 by November 2021. The PS5 digital edition could drop to $ 379 by May. And $ 345 by November 2021.