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Playstation 5 pro release date, when will we see a new PS5 soon

Recently spotted documents relating to the Sony PlayStation 5 briefly ignited hopes that a Pro or Slim model was already in the works for release. An equipment model number “CFI-1115A” can be found on file, suggesting that a Playstation 5 Pro or Playstation 5 Slim console may find its way to shelves (and eBay) in the near future. However, the likely reality is much more prosaic.


Evidence indicates that the current PS5 console, which carries the model number “CFI-1015A”, has a few component revisions, with a new wireless communication module being the prime suspect.

Unsurprisingly, gamers are crossing their fingers for many more “fixes,” like a cure for the infamous PS5 coil hissing, cooling system improvements, and, unsurprisingly, a larger storage solution.

 Playstation 5 pro

Playstation 5 Pro release date

The PS5 has sold well, when available, since its release in November 2020 with estimates placing units sold at over 8.45 million. Sony is generally expected to modify some parts or use different vendors just to try and keep up with demand, hence the likelihood that a revised model will appear soon. If the PS5 timeline mirrors that of the PS4, then gamers should be hoping for a potential PS5 Slim arriving in late 2022 or early 2023, while a Playstation Pro could be released at the same time.

Now, DigiTimes is reporting that according to supply chain sources, production of a new PlayStation 5 console could begin in the second or third quarter of 2022.

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How would the PS5 pro be an improvement to the PS5

it looks like Sony wants the Ps5 to be their second best console. According to a report in T3 a Sony Interactive Entertainment patent published this year has details about how they are working on a new games console that could come with two graphics cards.

According to reports, the new PS5—essentially a PS5 Pro—would use a new “semi-customized” 6-nanometer CPU from AMD instead of the 7nm custom 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU found in the current PS5. This would mean a more powerful, more efficient console, though it’s unclear why these new semiconductors would be easier to come by than the current ones. Perhaps it just makes more sense to implement the mid-lifecycle upgrade sooner than later given current shortages. (The PS4 Pro came out 3 years into the PS4’s lifecycle).

If things go exactly the way the patent describes it, it will be a big move for Sony. The PS5 Pro, with its two GPUs, could deliver 20 teraflops as compared to the 10.28 that the Ps5 delivers right now. And the 20 teraflops speed is also higher than the 12 teraflops the Xbox Series X provides.

This would also make the new PlayStation 5 Pro close the gap between gaming consoles and high-end PCs that used dual GPU set-ups for rendering games at high-res and frame rates.

Playstation 5 pro price

Looking back at the release of the PS4 and PS4 Pro might also hint at how Sony could price an eventual PS5 upgrade. The PS4 launched at $399 and the Pro model was released three years later with the same $399 price tag.

This time around, two PS5 models have launched: a $399 Digital Edition and the $499 Standard Edition. If Sony maintains its pricing strategy from the past generation then the Digital and Standard Editions of the PS5 Pro might launch at the same $399 and $499 price points.

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