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How to make a serum to delay wrinkles and aging at home

Check out how to delay wrinkle and aging serum easy at home This serum is packed with nourishing ingredients This DIY anti wrinkle and anti aging serum rejuvenates and rejuvenates your skin. This homemade serum is made with natural ingredients and can be used as a day or night serum


Serum to delay wrinkles and aging

This homemade anti-aging serum is designed to restore radiance to mature skin and improve the signs of premature skin aging. The serum contains a rich blend of ceramides, fatty acids and antioxidants that can protect your skin from drying and calm the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Benefits of Homemade Anti-Aging Serum

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of this anti-aging wrinkle serum:

 Serum to delay wrinkles and aging
Serum to delay wrinkles and aging
  • fix: The skin loses collagen and elastin as we age. Which makes it look thinner and more slender. The serum is enriched with additives that promote a firmer complexion and reduce fine lines. Furthermore it , Liposomes, fatty acids and squalene help repair the skin barrier.
  • Protection: The serum contains antioxidants that protect your skin from oxidizing agents. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals and can contribute to collagen reduction and cell damage. Incorporating antioxidants into your skin care regimen is essential to combating oxidative stress.
  • wetting: The oils in this face serum are powerful moisturizers and nutrients that give your skin a dewy glow. The dryness of the skin increases with age, And good hydration becomes even more important.

Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging serum ingredients

You will find some excellent anti-aging serum recipes online. But my anti-wrinkle serum is different because it’s not based on nourishing oils alone. It also contains active ingredients that make it a highly effective skin care product for aging skin.


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pomegranate seed oil

Pomegranate seed oil is the star of this face serum for mature skin. The oil is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are promoted to provide anti-aging benefits to the skin.

A study showed that the high levels of vitamin C found in pomegranate promote cell renewal, This helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Vitamin C can also increase collagen and replenish the skin’s natural Vitamin C content.


The oil’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help soothe inflammation, acne and reduce oxidative stress.

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Antioxidants also balance your skin’s hydration level.

I’ve also found studies that suggest that pomegranate seed oil may provide natural UV protection to some extent

asia oil Moringa oil is an excellent alternative to pomegranate oil.

The next organic oil in the list of ingredients is argan oil. Which Moroccan women have been using as a beauty oil for centuries. And for good reason! Argan is a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients that can improve skin health.

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The oil is an excellent moisturizer that improves water retention in the skin thanks to Vitamin E. Vitamin E also prevents free radicals on the skin, which play a major role in skin aging.

Argan oil’s reputation as an anti-aging oil has been well documented by science. A study showed that the topical application of argan oil led to a significant increase in the elasticity of the skin.

According to another study, argan oil also provides some protection from sun damage and even improves the signs of photoaging. Again, you don’t want to give up your SPF, though.

Jojoba oil is a good alternative to argan oil.

squalene oil

Squalene oil helps boost hydration levels. locking moisture into the skin, And increase collagen. The oil also rejuvenates the lipid layer of the skin. This makes the skin look smoother.

Furthermore it, Squalene is said that the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties may reduce swelling and redness.

The oil is an excellent emollient and skin softener. It is similar to the skin’s natural oils and is clinically proven to be non-irritating.

What I love most is that the oil is lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy. The oil sinks quickly into the skin and improves absorption of other ingredients.

pomegranate serum

Optional components

I have listed the following materials as optional because they are expensive and may not be available where you live. But if you can, I highly recommend you to buy Liposomal Ceramide Complex and Dermofeel sensolv. They turn this homemade serum into an anti-aging powerhouse.

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Vitamin E acts as a natural antioxidant, It neutralizes free radicals while helping to moisturize and smooth the skin. It also protects oils from oxidation and extends shelf life.

Liposome Ceramide:

Ceramides make up half of the lipids in the skin. Ceramides lose with age, The protective layer of the skin is diminished. Liposome ceramide complex can restore the broken skin barrier, promotes collagen formation, It prevents water loss through the skin.
Dermafeel sensolv serum gives a velvety smooth, non-greasy feel and absorbs quickly. The product also has refilling and natural properties. Forms a porous barrier that helps protect the skin from the external environment.

Myrrh essential oil provides great support for mature skin. The essential oil is said to reduce redness and improve the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars.

Helichrysum essential oil has a rejuvenating and supportive effect on the skin. EO may reduce skin inflammation, stimulates cell regeneration, It targets age spots and fine lines.

Anti-aging serum

How to make a serum to delay wrinkles and aging at home

Let me show you how to make an anti-aging serum at home. It couldn’t be easier!

Step 1: Mix the ingredients

add argan oil, and squalene, pomegranate seed oil, and vitamin E, fatty ceramides, dermafil, The essential oils in a small glass beaker.
Stir until everything is well mixed. Ceramide and Vitamin E liposomes have a thick consistency and may take a few moments to dissolve. A serum is ready when you can’t see streaks from the individual ingredients.

The second step: Storage

Transfer the facial serum to a glass dropper bottle.
kept tightly closed, Away from direct sunlight and heat.
I like to prepare serums in small glass cups to see if everything is well combined. You can also mix the serum directly into the bottle. To do that , Simply add the ingredients, and closed tightly, Shake the bottle well.

Serum to delay wrinkles and aging

How to use the anti-aging serum
It’s time to apply our anti-aging facial serum! You can apply the serum to the face, neck and chest area. This is what you do:

  • Clean your skin with a mild cleanser.
  • Clean, exfoliate, or apply any other effective treatment you may be using.
  • For best results, Spray your face with a moisturizing facial mist before applying the serum.
  • Put it on the serum. Put a few drops on your fingertips and gently sweep the serum into your skin. Use your whole hands to press the serum onto your neck and chest.
  • Smooth the serum from the nose to your ears, And from the eyebrows to the hairline, From the neck to the jaw line.
  • Continue with the rest of your skincare routine. For example. Moisturizer and SPF.

Can I use the anti-aging serum daily?

Yeah , You can use the serum daily as long as you do not notice any irritation.

Should I apply a wrinkle-delaying aging serum in the morning or at night?

You can use the facial serum in the morning and in the evening. It’s a great choice in the morning to keep your skin moisturized and protected all day long. Just make sure you finish using . The product also works well as a bedtime serum and can help rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.

Can I use a serum to delay wrinkles and aging before makeup?

Yeah , probably. Everyone uses different brands and does their makeup differently. So you will have to take a test. Just be sure to wait until the serum is completely absorbed by the skin.

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