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Explanation of the movie Remember the Korean Recalled

South Korean thrillers are always great as last year’s Netflix The Call is a movie similar in concept though significantly different from a movie that remembers Korean Recalled yet it’s a movie I will always recommend for everyone to watch, If not for something else but for the amazing performances from the standout.


The story of the movie Remembers the Korean Recalled

A movie that remembers the Korean Recalled
A movie that remembers the Korean Recalled

The movie Recalled begins with Soo Jin in the hospital while her husband Ji Hoon and the nurses try to calm her down. She has lost her memory and we later see her go through past experiences in her life and what she was like before the accident. The editorial creates a great place for us to think about how bad this whole situation can go. Maybe losing your memory is a horrible thing to happen to anyone and now you have to re-know who you are when you think the guy who pretends to be your wife is actually who they are.

In any case , While things seem to be coming home, Soo-jin stumbles in the elevator with the power outage in her apartment. It’s as if the poor woman can’t take a break. To put my last point into perspective, I began to have horrific visions of the future beginning to become a reality.


Recalled is a thriller that will take your breath away from your seat. The pace of the film is fine and from the very first moment, There is a sense of urgency and seriousness in the air, Like you’re waiting for something to happen. This feeling is exacerbated by the fact that Soo Jin seems alone in her danger, Doctors don’t believe it because, Okay , They think she’s hallucinating and her husband thinks she’s not feeling well.

Moving on with the events of Recalled, Soo-jin begins to learn more about her past which she was not even aware of. From here she started and we realize that there might be something else going on below the surface that we are being told especially when it comes to Ji-hoon.

As more information and secrets emerge out in the open, She begins to suspect Ji-hoon even more. The thousands of pills that Su Jin devoured daily, Is it legitimate? Everything in her life becomes a cause for public concern. We are as scared and confused as her and for her. Everything is really good, tension, mystery, anxiety, Plus, Soo Jin is blindly following what Ji Hoon has to say!


The big plot twist comes at about 55 minutes. I say I expect but when that happens, It looks like a brick in the face. I was as shocked and terrified as Soo Jin at that moment. Then the movie turns completely. If you feel terrified and anxious before, Your feelings will be magnified 10 times after that.

That’s because there’s another development that I won’t spoil in this recap. But , This time , It’s two pieces in the face. I did not expect this result at all, So I caught it off the left field and it shocked me and pleasantly surprised me.

Seo Yea-ji is stunningly cool as the very confused Soo-jin in Recalled. She and the audience spread this mess together and feel every emotion she’s going through. She’s wonderful as the woman who’s lost almost everything but the girl doesn’t come across her in distress. She is smart, resourceful and a fighter. Even when you are weak, They use their intelligence to outsmart those around them and make the most of the situations in which they live. It is great to follow her and learn with her.

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apart from it, Kim Kang-woo is equally amazing. The more you learn about it, Your opinions about everything started to change and by the end of the movie, Some tears were shed for him, too. The two threads are completely flawless and do a great job of anchoring you and helping you immerse yourself in the story. Director Seo Yoo-min has created a great movie that stays with you even after you finish watching it – in fact, That’s exactly when it shocks you all

Was Kim Soo Jin hallucinating in a movie Remembering the Korean Recalled ?

Soo Jin’s doctor diagnosed that because of her fatal accident, she might be suffering from temporary delusions. Also called “déjà vu”. This means that Soo Jin’s hallucinations as visions of the future were actually flashes from her past.

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The two children she saw outside the building were her childhood, And the little boy was her adoptive brother that she had completely forgotten about. was an abusive father, Kim Tae Joon who lives in Apartment 706, is her father, Who used to hit Soo Jin in her teenage years. Briefly , While her mental health was recovering, She was remembering the flashbacks from which she wanted to escape.

Why did Soo Jin want to go to Canada?

After witnessing her father’s murder and living with an abusive husband, Su Jin ended her current life. She told her brother that she wanted to start over. She wanted to start over and live near Lake Vermillion. Her brother Kim Sun Woo promised her a peaceful life, so he was very determined to send Soo Jin to Canada.

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The cast of the Korean movie Recalled

Seo Yea-ji acted as Soo-jin
Kim Kang-woo as Ji-hoon
Hey Ran
Pai Yu Ram as Detective Pai
Kim Kang-hoon
Park Sang Wook as Ki Sang
Song Hyuk
Kim Joo Ryong
Song Chang-gyoo as an apartment security guard

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