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Explain the end of manga attack Giants burning Attack on Titan

Erin’s death and the liberation of Ymir’s Mikasa also turn all of Titan’s body into dust, And those that have turned into human form. Knowing his sacrifice, Erin’s friends are grateful to finally give up titan’s curse, But the wise are still suspicious of them. Explain the end of the Giants’ manga attack.


After 11 years and seven months, Hagimi Isayama’s manga titan attack is over. Chapter 139, “Last chapter: towards the tree on that hill, ” It is a satisfying and emotional conclusion to a story that has impressed readers around the world. As the series was gloomy, There is more light at the end of the tunnel for more key actors than fans might expect, Although not everyone survives. Here’s how the saga ends, What fate does Eren Jeager finally have in store?

Explaining the end of the Giants attack manga – Erin’s final fate

In the penultimate chapter, Mikasa’s killer, And Armin, And Levi, And the rest of Erin’s warriors and the illustrious box that originally originated all the giants, who were formerly in titan’s founding spine. Having reached into Erin Titan’s mouth thanks to Levi’s help, Mikasa cut off Erin’s human head and kissed him goodbye for the first and last time. The last chapter confirms that this killed him. When the dust calmed down, Mikasa brought his head to Armin, to which he mourned with tears his loss. Then she leaves the battlefield with her, She knows that the proper burial will not be granted to Erin after the destruction he caused through The Rumbling. Explain the end of the Giants attack manga

Attack on Titan final chapter Eren death

As with the same name for the chapter, The final pages reveal – three years later – that Erin’s tomb is under the tree on Paradise Island, under which he often fell asleep as a child. Mikasa tells him that their friends, Armin, And Jean, And be, And Annie, And with you, They will soon arrive to visit him, Besides Levy, And Gaby, And Falco, And Onyankubon, Probably. She sadly wonders if he’s happy before she admits she wants to meet him again.

When the words came out of her mouth, It was the scarf Erin gave her when they first met slipping around her neck. To her surprise, A bird appeared in front of her and tied her around again. Smiling at her as she continued her journey, She says: “Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me, Erin. Earlier, A similar bird flew in front of Armin and the others on board the ship to Paradis. The Scout Unit used the wings as their badges and birds, generally , They were used frequently throughout the series as clear symbols of what Erin so desperately missed: Freedom.

End of all titans

It was the end of Erin’s game, all the time, ridding the world of the Titans. The first few pages of the last chapter reveal the full conversation about the subject that had previously taken place between him and Armin across the track – when the commander was still on board the ship heading towards the Army of Erin Wall Titan. “I did it for the future I saw using the power of the Giants attack,” Armin asserts, clearly referring to Erin’s decision to kill 80 percent of humanity using rumblings. When Armin asked him if he really needed to take things that far, Erin showed him a vision of a primitive volcanic land. “The power of the Titans continues to exist because Amir has obeyed King Fritz for 2,000 years,” he said. Despite the violence the Queen committed against her village, her parents and even her body, she really loved Carl Fritz. It was this association that kept her tied to him and his family for 2,000 years.

Attack on Titan final chapter Mikasa

Erin says he doesn’t fully understand it, But he knew that she longed to be free, She waits all this time for someone to “release her from the torment of love”. Up to this point, We thought this person was Erin when he gained the full power to establish the giant of them. Instead, Erin reveals to Armin that that person was, Actually , Mikasa. That’s why Ymer smiled at the end of chapter 138 when Mikasa chose to kill Erin. Somehow, Edited by this choice, But only Ymer knows why. Once Erin and Armin’s conversation is over in the track, erases Armin’s memory from her, Which Armin recovered in Chapter 139 after Erin’s death.

Erin’s death and the liberation of Ymir’s Mikasa also turn all of Titan’s body into dust, And those that have turned into human form. Knowing his sacrifice, Erin’s friends are grateful to finally give up titan’s curse, But the wise are still suspicious of them.

Explain the end of manga giants attack – in the wake of the battle of heaven and earth

The chapter ends by exceeding the above three-year time, By this point, The day the roar was stopped became called the Battle of Heaven and Earth. However , In spite of the Titans’ departure forever, The islanders are still afraid of what the rest of the world might do in response. The new Eldia Nation establishes its army under the jeagerist banner. In a letter to Armin, Queen Historia wrote, She is now the mother of a three-year-old girl, “If we win, Live. If we lose, Die. If you don’t fight, We won’t be able to fight. assassin.. This battle will not end until Eldia disappears or the world disappears. That’s what Erin said, and he might be right. And yet he chose to leave this world in our hands. This is where we live now. world without titans.”

Attack on Titan final chapter historia

Armin, Reiner Annie, delinquent Connie and Beck hope that when they return to the island — having destroyed the walls and killed Erin, Symbol of resistance to the islanders – they can broker a peace treaty like the Allied ambassadors of peace talks. We never found out if they were successful or not, But Connie’s faith in Historia and Armin’s assertion that telling their side of the story would be enough to end things with a hopeful note. Explain the end of the Giants attack manga