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Dental rings are the latest beauty trends for 2021

All about dental rings, the latest beauty trend that has taken over Instagram and TikTok


This controversial trend was originally an icon of the ’90s and early 2000s and is quickly making a big comeback this year. Influential and unexpected dental jewelry has been spotted on the likes of Hailey Bieber and his parents. The trend involves placing a gem, stone, or other type of jewelry directly on the tooth in your mouth.

But how can dental jewelry be placed and how long does it last?

When did you start providing dental jewelry services at Le Triptych?

The fashion for dental jewelry started in December 2020. With the resurgence of the tank top, baggy leggings and all that style inspired by 2000s pop culture icons, The appearance of dental jewelry was inevitable.


Rings are made of colors and lobes, and a sentence such as “I Love You” can be formed, or the name of the girl requesting to wear the ring with her teeth, and it is possible to enter loli, diamond, gold, or silver, as well as colors such as turquoise

These rings are made by specialists, who take the size of the teeth and then make the rings inside molds specific to that industry.

And after we finished making the dental rings, It looks impressive, They are worn from dentures that are made to the elderly, but it’s on the teeth, And not just on the gums.


Your dental and technical jewelry fixing procedures?

dental rings
dental rings

Dental jewelry is placed in such a dental appliance. First , The compound is fixed in the desired place on your tooth, The jewel chosen by the customer is placed, Then it is stimulated with a UV lamp.

What is the age of dental rings on a tooth?

Longevity is uncertain depending on the acidity of a person’s saliva, But as a general rule it can last a few months.

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Maintenance tips to extend the life of dental rings?

At any price , Avoid eating very hard foods like applesauce or sandwiches, or very sticky foods like caramel or chewing gum. Teeth should be brushed gently. Drinks that are too hot or too cold should also be avoided.

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The trend to own your own dental jewelry at home has taken over social media, Including TikTok

Celebrities who follow the trend of dental rings

Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star, wore diamond tooth rings. One of them bore the letters of its name in English KIM, Its lower and upper front teeth are decorated with it. The other ring is a semi-circle of a diamond ring.

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the artist Madonna She was one of the most prominent of those who started the fashion of rings in the teeth; As she appeared in one of the artistic events in Hollywood and attracted her attention, Because it follows a strange fashion that is out of the fashionable style of the world’s fashion makers.

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