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Bounce rate and Analytics google

Analytics google

Google has a web analytics tool that helps the website administrator to analyze the traffic and try to figure out how to improve the traffic source, so Analytics google is a tool that you for sure will use it.


Of course, it will help also with tracking the audience, their actions, queries, locations, etc. and all these metrics will help you to find a way to let the user return back to the website and reduce the bounce rate level and all of this by enhancing the content of the website to serve the audience

But there is nothing in this world without issues or erros, so let’s work together to enhance the our analytics Google;


Analytics Google issue with Average duration on page

Or in another words:

Zero Average Time on Page in Google Analytics

Google needs two timestamps to measure Time on Page, the time when the user enters the page and when he/she exits the page, then the difference between these two timestamps will be the time on the page.

So is one user visited the Homepage, then moved to another post after 5 seconds, so in general Google Analytic should count 5 seconds for him on home page, but what is he/she exist the website before the post loaded fully?


First of all he will not be counted as a Bounced user because he didn’t stay on second post for more than 1 second, so Google in this case will have new 2 timestamps with value 0.

So in this case this use will be have these parameters Bounce rate 100% and average time on page is 0 seconds.

Analytics Google
Analytics Google

Analytics Google vs

If you check the bounce rate difference between and Google analytics you will see there is about 40% less in Alexa than Analytics Google.

This because Alexa is check how many page each user is visiting and give the data base on daily view not a real time like Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Bounce Rate:

It is calculated based on the how many page the user view in each session divided by the total number of sessions.

Why High Bounce rate in Analytics Google is bad

High bounce rate in Google Analytics means the visitor is not going deep inside your website, so you should make changes in the website to let the user navigate to another post or page.

Very Low Bounce rate in Analytics Google is not good.

If we assume that bounce rate is about 20% or less then this mean all users are at least viewing 4-5 pages on your website, and that is in reality not very likely

You can fix Bounce Rate by change the script you add to your website header.

Tracking Adjusted Bounce Rate In Google Analytics