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10 strangest plants in the world

Plants marked by exoticism and rarity. Of course, researchers and scientists surprise us over time with discoveries and research, but what we will talk about today is the strangest plants in the world. The earth world is full of plants and surprises in nature. What you will learn about in this article will surprise you. Follow me, dear reader.


Rafflesia Arnoldi, the largest flower in the world Plants


Botanically, Rafflesia Arnoldi belongs to the intelligent family of the Rafflesia plant, famous for its ability to grow Produce the largest amount of individual flowers on earth . It smells like rotting corpses, so they called it “corpse flower” and it is scattered in the rainforests on Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Although there are larger flowers such as Titan and Telboot palm. But these two flowers are technically part of many others.

Selaginella lepidophylla


A strange plant that scientists believe that since the times of the dinosaurs, it has a very great ability to live and survive harsh environmental conditions. It belongs to the desert plants and contains a group of appendages that wrap around in the shape of a ball in dry seasons. It then sheds and blooms in wet seasons and is present in a desert Chihuahua (chihuahuan desert). on the border between America and Mexico.


Mimosa pudica Plants

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The flower’s name is derived from a Latin word meaning shyness or constriction, and it is a very sensitive and shy flower. It is not like all the flowers you can see or know. It has been known as shy because its leaves shrink on themselves as soon as anyone touches them or shakes them and then returns to their position after a few minutes. They are found in South and Central America. The sensitive nature of this plant is due to seismonastic movements that control the movement of water in and out of cells.

Welwitschia Mirabilis


This flower is not beautiful to some, but it is in fact one of the strangest unusual plants in the world. This flower resides in Namibia And it only consists of two leaves and an odd set of roots is incredibly amazing. As its leaves grow until Venus acquires a unique crest that resembles alien aliens. Its trunk maintains its thickness, but its length shrinks and reaches a width of 2 to 8 meters.

It is considered a perennial plant, it lives between 400 to 1500 years and it can withstand drought and harsh conditions for 50 years.


Venus fly eater


It is considered one of the most popular plants in the world and the most interesting of all carnivores. Which is characterized by vitality and high efficiency in setting traps for insects, there are some people believe that if this plant is large enough it can eat an adult human. The plant consists of two leaves, each of which contains very sensitive little hairs. It has the ability to detect the presence of anything that falls on them from ants to the spider. .

Heidnora africana (unusual colored objects) Plants


One of the most unusual plants in the world with its pink color, it is one of the parasitic flowers. It attacks the roots of neighboring shrubs in the arid desert of South Africa and smells foul that attract herds of beetles to feed on.

Euphorbia Obesa


It is an unusual plant that is popular on baseball fields and is widespread in the Karoo region. In South Africa, it attracts the attention of many plant lovers due to its unusual shape, which is considered by some to be distinctive and unique.

baobab) Plants

1200px Adansonia grandidieri04

It is considered one of the genius plants, which includes 80 species of trees that grow in Madagascar. The amazing thing about this tree is that it stores more than 250 liters of water and can last up to 500 years.

Bear’s Head Tooth Mushroom Snow plants

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This fungus grows on dead trees or dead wood and is crisp like ice, grows on branches as support for it or on the tree trunk so that it acts like a cushion for it. And doctors use it in the manufacture of medicine, especially drugs used in treating cancer, as it is used as a stimulant for nerve growth and killing worms.

Victoria Amozonica

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This type of plant is considered the largest species of aquatic plants in the world, as it clings strongly to rocks. And the stones around it so as not to be swept away by the water current as its roots reach a length of 26 feet and the diameter of its flowers and leaves is more than 10 feet. This plant has the ability to change its color as it is white at the beginning of the night and then returns to the pink color the next day and it was called by that name on Honor of Queen Victoria, Queen of England.